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About Me & #nonoboringbows

The Freestyle Butter Knife Bow Tie


It’s simple. I love bow ties. 

I created these new ties to introduce the idea that the the bow tie can emerge as a true accessory for Men and Women in the 21st Century and that asymmetric designs prove that  bow ties are no longer boring and can be worn as art.  

That's why I am tagging my new ties #nomoboringbows!  

The slim, rounded-edge of the Butter Knife Bow evokes a casual feel for everyday wear but can easily be worn after six.

Of course, as BowsNouveau has evolved, I saw how my asymmetric designs worked on the more traditional Butterfly and Diamond Point and those models are now available here. Additionally, I also offer bow ties for those with neck sizes up to 24”. 

There is one thing about a BowsNouveau Bow Tie I can guarantee:  No matter which of the three models you choose, in either freestyle or hand-tied, the only other person you will ever see wearing your BowsNouveau Bow Tie is me.

A True Classic - The Butterfly Bow Tie

Why My Designs Are Bows As Art!

As a lover of bow ties I realized early on that to be an individual means not having to wear an off the rack bow tie that a hundred other people were also wearing. 

I select a fabric or pattern and make one freestyle, one hand-tied model and one for me. 

As you can see, even when using the same piece of material, no two are the same.

That's why I can say:  When you purchase a BowsNouveau Bow Tie, the only other person you will ever see wearing your tie is me!

Find yours here!
The Diamond Point Bow Tie

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I am sure of the quality of my bow ties. That‘s because I make every stitch in every bow tie you see on this site.  I select every piece of fabric individually and with only one thing in mind: Your need to stand out. 

Beyond that, I want you to be completely happy with the experience of shopping and owning a BowsNouveau Bow Tie. So, if you have any questions please contact me directly at

Thank you 

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The Bow Ties whose time has come.

Here's a thought!  If you have an idea for a fabric or a color, let me know and I will make it for you. 

Remember, I make every tie by hand and I want you to have the bow tie that’s right for you - because as I like to say: “The only other person you might see wearing your BowsNouveau Bow Tie is me!”


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