About The BowsNouveau Designs

The Butter Knife Bow Tie

The Rubic Cubic Freestyle Bow Tie. Dramatic and fanciful, a perfect example of what #nomoboringbows

After years of wearing the 'classic' bow tie, I experimented with new designs and settled on one I had never seen before. The "Butter Knife" has it's distinction of being slender with a rounded leading edge which sets it apart from the traditional bow tie formed from angles and points.  Like all my hand-crafted  BowsNouveau  bow ties, the Butter Knife is available in both the freestyle and hand-tied versions.  

The Diamond Point Bow Tie

The Hand-Tied Diamond Point Bow Tie

 The Diamond Point or Diamond Tip Bow Tie shape is gaining popularity at a seemingly fast rate. Its edges are not flat like the other styles. They are pointed so as to give it its diamond shape.  Its asymmetric look when tied adds a bit of gist to the self-tied bow tie but that dash is not lost when Hand-Tied. The diamond is a very stylish style that is not often seen but is gaining immense popularity. 

The “Classic” Butterfly My Way

Classic made Classy! The Butterfly Bow Tie finally has its wings!

To me the bow tie has always been about individuality. The introduction of this classic shape to my line was a necessary one when my design model evolved to include #nomoboringbows.  Because “classic” can still be classy but it doesn’t have to mean boring.

The All-New Goldfish (KOI) Bow Tie!


Bowsnouveau introduces the newest design in the  Bow Tie World!

The asymmetric design is bold and the epitome of #nomoboringbows.

The current models available are hand-tied  for your convenience and, like every Bowsnouveau Bow Tie, crafted to the highest quality at the most affordable prices.